"I ordered Analysis 1 and the results are just bewildering."  

At 45 years of age I had several health problems, nothing life threatening but I knew definitely something was wrong and infinite blood tests brought no solution. Verelst Analysis 1 revealed I have a gene mutation MTHFR which untreated could have deadly consequences later in life. I contacted Verelst Genetics and they told me that they are working on the missing supplement but in the main time they prompt send me a month supply of the missing supplement free of charge. They advised 1-tablet a day and after only two weeks I feel like reborn. This test was more than worth money and I immediately updated to Analysis 2. BIG thumbs up for the Verelst team and their incredible work.

John Goodwin UK

“Great partnership”

We developed a great partnership with Verelst R&D, their dedication and professionalism is evident in everything they stand for. The attention to detail and creativity is very impressive. I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job.

Falcon Pharma Egypt

”Mind boggling”

It is mind boggling that dedicated scientists in a relative small company like Verelst R&D in Genomics and Verelst Pharma are paving the way for Pharmacogenomics! Astonishing work.

John Bonner Germany

”Benefit and learn from Verelst R&D”

I believe that anybody involved in health service could benefit and learn from Verelst R&D. I would definitely recommend their services. Worth every cent.

Martin Lopez Vienna

”Experts in their work”

I can highly recommend the services from Verelst R&D they are really experts in their work to say the least. The analysing I received was easy to read and very helpful in several ways. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Dr. Werner Schneider Germany

”The test literally saved my life”

I don’t even know how to say thank you enough…. I am a mid-aged active man, enjoying life, and I read reports that testosterone would increase my energy levels and libido. A blood analysis showed that my testosterone levels were quite low, so my doctor agreed to prescribe testosterone. After that I did a full exome sequencing test that revealed a mutation the HFE gene that is related with a disease called hemochromatosis. As a consequence of this mutation I high levels of iron in my blood. Because testosterone supresses hepcidin even more, continuing the testosterone treatment would have devastating consequences for my liver and other organs. The full exome sequencing test literally saved my life.

Peter Buresten, Marbella

”Pleased with the service”

I am very pleased with the service I received from Verelst. I contacted them several times for more information and reply was fast and to the point.

Ann Fisher Germany

”Deep knowledge of Genomic Research ”

Verelst R&D possesses a deep knowledge of the Genomic Research sector and they work with well-qualified researchers. What I valued the most that they almost immediately respond to any email or question I send them. Well organized company.

Marc Vercammen Belgium

”Extremely happy”

I signed up for Analysis 2 and have been extremely happy with the product. The analysis is easy to read and understandable. Professional people, they know what the heck they’re doing.

Gunnar Khan Sweden

”Best deal”

Looking for weeks on-line, Verelst Genetics was the best deal we found after having looked at other a dozen alternatives, the results were really life changing.

Marcel Op De Beeck Netherlands

”Customer service”

The customer service team is just amazing, 10/10 I would recommend!!

Giovani Bertolucci Italy

”It probably saved me from lung cancer”

I´m a 50-year-old man that enjoy the good life, which mean that I do social smoking as soon as I have a drink. The most important I learned in the test was that I have 4 gene variants that are frequently observed in people suffering lung cancer. The highest contributor of that is the gen NAT1 which is related to how my body can handle smoke. In combination with the other genes, smoke actually stays in my body 5-6 times longer than normal, which means smoking 3-4 cigarettes is like smoking a package for me. I immediately stopped smoking and did a lung scan at my doctor. I also learned that I have a gene structure that protects me from getting Alzheimer’s and Parkinson.

Per Uppman, Stockholm

”Suffering of low energy ”

I was suffering for many years of low energy and frequent severe pain that was supposed to be related to gout. Many years of testing, blood analysing and trying different medications did not bring any solution. My analysis revealed that I have Adenosine monophosphate deaminase deficiency. A mutation in both copies of the AMPD1 gene is the cause that my muscles are not getting enough energy. Turns out this problem is very easy to solve by taking ribose supplement, which is just a 5-carbon sugar without any side effects. Energy levels are way up and “goat” related problems completely disappeared.

Dr. Erwin Verelst