What makes VERELST R&D unique?
VERELST R&D is among the first in the world to offer an affordable genetic screening of the bodies’ entire 20,965 genes by “whole exome sequencing” technique. Our purpose is to turn the medical and pharmaceutical world around. What is the point of waiting for disease symptoms and then see a Doctor? Instead our analysis of the complete set of genes provides accurate, reliable and complete information about everything related to a person´s health. This way unsuspected diseases and predispositions to future diseases can be foreseen. This also applies to the genes you could be passing on to your children. We help people to monitor risk areas and take preventive measures beforehand, so that life expectancy can be increased.

VERELST R&D does not provide medical treatments, but the information is extremely useful for health and possible medical needs. We recommend guidelines that should be discussed with our medical doctors, officially accredited in Spain, or with your own physician, so that you can work on a plan to improve your medical future.

The large amount of data generated by the DNA sequencer requires a vast bioinformatics system to make sense of the outcome. Specialists in bioinformatics have constructed a pipeline of sophisticated programs to search through the data and determine the significance of your DNA variants, but this information is of no use if not interpreted correctly in a clinical sense. Therefore, our biologists are working closely together with medical specialist, to draw accurate conclusions about the relevance of the detected variants. Due to numerous steps in the process, all requiring a certain amount of time to guarantee quality and accuracy of the results, the final report can be delivered in about 6 weeks after collection of the saliva sample.

Each exome is sequenced two times in independent laboratories
to guarantee an indisputable result.