Questions and answers

1Some companies offer a genetic test for just a few hundred euros. What is the main difference with your service?
Every week new companies pop up that offer “low cost” genetic services online. Their analysis is very limited to only a few genes (like 100 genes or even less), some related with diseases, others with silly traits that serve little or no purpose. VERELST R&D offers whole exome sequencing, analysing 20.965 genes which is absolute essential for correct estimation of disease predisposition. Our team of highly educated and experienced PhD, specialists in genomics, bioinformatics and medicine provides full information of what you could be suffering from in the future so that you are given the opportunity to take preventive measures beforehand.
2Why do I need a genetic test?
Genetic sequencing is no longer science fiction but science fact, it is a very powerful tool to alter your medical future and increase your life expectancy.
3How long are my test results valid?
The whole exome sequencing test is for life because your DNA does not change.
4Does a blood test or MRI scan not give me the same information?
No. Any clinical test is a momentary image of your health status. The whole exome genetic test shows everything of how your body works and detects problems that are hidden or will affect you in the future.
5What are genetically inherited diseases?
Most diseases have a genetic cause and all diseases where the genetic factor is important are called genetically inherited diseases.
6What is the difference between a genetic test and a DNA test?
DNA is the biological molecule that constitutes your genome. Only a small part of this DNA (about 1,5 %) are genes that contain the information to make all functional proteins in your body. A “whole exome” genetic test like VERELST R&D provides information about all the genes in your body, without focusing on less important DNA sequences.
7Why should I use VERELST R&D services?
We are one of the few in the world that offer a consumer-friendly price to do sequencing of all 20.965 genes and match your genes with almost 10.000 known conditions that affect your body and your life span.
8How do you present the report?
The significant findings that influence your health and life expectancy are summarized in an easy to read report, classified in different categories such as predisposition to cancer, digestive problems, heart conditions, diseases affecting muscle growth, weight control problems, etc. The report also includes the scientific references that confirm the accuracy of the results.
9Can anybody else see my results?
No. The whole process from the saliva collection to the issuing of the report is followed by reference number and contains no personal information. Any staff handling the sample has no access to your personal data.
10How certain is the result?
The sequence obtained is confirmed >99,99 % correct. From this sequence we consult over 30 databases to find information about your variants. The results are then manually checked and confirmed accurate when scientific evidence is found that backs up the result.
11Do I need the unpleasant prick to provide a blood sample?
No, we only need a saliva sample. We supply you with a special little tube that makes it easy to fill with your saliva.
12My father died of a heart attack, can you foresee my risks?
Yes. Cardiovascular diseases are complex, but by looking at all your genes together we can foresee your risk (if any) of having a heart attack and inform on what you can do to reduce that risk.
13Does allergy show up in the test?
Yes. The whole exome test will show what you are allergic to and we can then direct you to the right medication, what food to avoid, etc.
14Can I show this test to my family doctor and will he understand?
The report includes a scientific table as well as an easy-to-read explanation, making it suitable for anybody to understand.
15How can I use this report to lose weight and build muscle?
The report includes information about the flaws in how your body digests food, turns it into muscle and energy. With this information you know what your body lacks or has too much of. You can then choose supplementation or adjust your diet to overcome the flaws, so that muscle mass can grow at optimal speed and weight is better controlled. For any sport, in case anabolic steroids or other products are being used, it is highly recommended to have your exome sequenced to look at any future possibly related diseases.
16What is the result I could expect from the Male Rejuvenation Program?
First you get a full sequence analysis as our basic service to know your medical future. This is because we need to know your genes before we will know how this program will affect your body and if it is suitable for you. However, 4 out of 5 people can enter this program. A normal built male in his 50th should expect 5-8 kg loss in fat and gain 5 kg in muscles in 6 months, with a simple work out sessions once a week. Since your testosterone levels will be as when you were 20 years old, you will have a lot more energy, be sharper and increase in your sex activity. This treatment will be directed by our medical doctors officially accredited in Spain.
17We are planning of getting pregnant. What do you advise us to do?
You and your partner could be carriers of a mutation in a gene that causes a disease in a recessive inheritance pattern. These mutations are hidden, but they can be passed on to your children. If a child gets two mutated copies of the gene (one from the father and one from the mother), the disease will show itself. By sequencing both parents these risks are foreseen and if necessary the disease can be avoided by selecting healthy embryos through IVF (In vitro fertilization). We advise both partners to have their exome sequenced before starting to plan a family.