Applications of exome analysis

Live longer

Our sequencing analysis provides you with a unique opportunity to extend your life. There are almost 10.000 conditions that are known in which your genes play an important part. By comparing your genetic sequence with all information available in medical databases, we identify those genomic variants and mutations that can cause health problems.
These include for example different types of cancers, heart problems, liver disease, eyesight, metabolic and blood disorders, neurological diseases such as Alzheimer or Parkinson´s, and many, many more. By knowing your risks beforehand, a specific medical management plan and pro-active steps with for instance preventive medication can avoid many conditions or postpone them with several years or even decades.

Safe family planning

Whole exome sequencing is also enormously important for couples who are thinking about starting a family. By sequencing the genes of both parents, possible diseases of the children can be predicted. This helps the parents to decide if assisted reproduction would be the safer way for them to get a healthy child.
If a certain risk should exist, modern technology of IVF allows for pre-implantation screening of the embryos and select the ones that are healthy to be implanted in the mother´s womb.

Improve general wellbeing

Many people are suffering from some minor health complications, without actually knowing the cause or what to do about it. Whole exome sequencing can identify problems that might be due to some genetic variants related with food digestion and nutrient absorption, the way your body produces energy, etc.
By knowing the genetic status of the genes that regulate your metabolism and fitness, it becomes clear why some people have problems with their weight, feel bloated, lack energy or muscles do not grow when working out, etc. The results of our analysis can help you to adapt your lifestyle to the specific needs of your body. It includes advise about the nutrients your body handles well, the ones that should be avoided, and if food supplements or hormone therapy would benefit you.

Clinical diagnosis

For more severe problems, our analysis can provide a correct diagnosis of your problem, and point towards the most effective treatment or medication, which will greatly improve your well-being.